CHANGZHOU YONGSHENG PACKING CO.,LTD., established in 1992, along with the high development of China economy, growing with Chinese adhesive tape industry, becomes a group enterprise specialized in designing, manufacturing series of coating equipment, slitting machine and their accessories, is the leading suppliers of coating equipment in tape industry in China, and we are devoting to be one of the major equipment suppliers in this industry in Asia Pacific. We can, according to your needs, offer p...  
Double knife four shaft cutting machine
Suitable for cutting of double-side tape,kraft paper tape,masking tape,foam tape,PET tape,PVC,PE,and cloth tape etc.
Three roller surface rewinding machine
Suitable for set length rewinding of masking tape, double-sided tape, cloth tape, BOPP, PET etc.
Super-clean optical film coating machine
Suitable for coating,printing and laminating process of PE/PET super-clean electric and protective film.
Release paper & film coating machine
Suitable for solvent base and non-solvent base coating of release paper and release film.