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ICE Asia 2012 3rd Paper Film Film Printing Technology Equipment and Materials Expo
 Sep 14, 2012|View:286

Implementation time: October 10th, 2012

End time: October 12, 2012

Exhibition location: Exhibition Hall on the First Floor of Shanghai World Trade Mall

Regarding ICE Asia:  

ICE exhibition originated in Europe and has become an important industry event in the converting industry with its four major global exhibitions. ICE Europe attracts over 370 exhibitors and nearly 6000 visitors from 22 countries worldwide every year.

ICEASIA is an independent exhibition in China that focuses on the paper, film, metal film, and non-woven industries.

ICEASIA has been held every two years since 2008 and has successfully held two sessions so far.

Since the start of ICEASIA's recruitment work in 2012, 50% of the exhibitions have been fully booked, attracting industry leaders such as BMB, Busti, Davis Standard, Poly Tai, Songde, Huaying, Nanjing Anshun, Changzhou Yongsheng, etc.

China is an independent and focused exhibition on paper, film, metal film, and non-woven industries!

ICE Asia 2012 will cover technical equipment and materials such as flexographic printing, coating, slitting, winding/rewinding, packaging printing, and flexible packaging.

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