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Mr. Cai's Speech at the Bell Ringing Ceremony on August 30, 2016
 Sep 18, 2016|View:330

Mr. Cai's Speech at the Bell Ringing Ceremony on August 30, 2016

Dear leaders, entrepreneurs, and guests, good morning everyone!  

On this special and joyful day, I am honored to witness this sacred moment with all of you.

Firstly, I would like to warmly congratulate the enterprises present on their successful landing on the "New Third Board". We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the domestic small and medium-sized enterprise joint-stock conversion system limited liability company, securities firms, accountants, lawyers and many other collaborative units that have put in hard work for this successful listing.

With the development of China's capital market and strong support from the government for the development of the New Third Board, especially the introduction of innovative systems such as the New Third Board, a large number of high-quality enterprises have emerged on the New Third Board. The activity of the New Third Board is becoming increasingly high, and more and more investment institutions and investors are paying attention to and participating in the New Third Board. We believe that the New Third Board will become a new market trading entity. At the same time, the flexible and efficient policies of the New Third Board have also opened up the door to the capital market for enterprises, providing more capital means and greater imagination space for their development.

The listing of Yongsheng Equipment on the New Third Board is not only an important development milestone but also a new starting point. The Yongsheng coating, composite, cutting, and packaging series of products are widely used in high-tech energy fields such as solar energy, optical films, electronic films, and lithium batteries. Next, we will vigorously promote the construction of research and development platforms, integrate products into world technology, and achieve fully automated technology production with machines replacing manual labor.

Listing on the New Third Board is just the beginning. Yongsheng Equipment will continue to standardize its operation, increase research and development investment, improve its capital structure, and explore financing channels to achieve rapid and healthy development. In the future, the company will further follow the requirements of modern enterprise systems and listed companies, standardize its operations, disclose information, and accept supervision from the securities regulatory authorities and investors; Establish a good corporate image, develop together with the New Third Board, and trust and reward shareholders and investors with good performance, in order to better serve society.

Congratulations to everyone again at the end! Wishing everyone present good health and smooth work. Thank you all!

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