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Mr. Cai delivered a speech at the 10th Adhesive Technology and Information Exchange Conference
 Oct 29, 2007|View:101

Title and Speaker of the Technology and Information Exchange Conference (3)

1. Development and Market Application of Ashland Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Products

——Mr. Larry Post, North American Technical Service Manager for Ashland Specialty Polymers and Adhesives

2. New generation Hot-melt adhesive for packaging

——Mr. Deng Xiaohua, Technical Service Manager, Asia Pacific, Fule (China) Adhesive Co., Ltd

3. Current Status and Prospects of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Coating Equipment

——Mr. Cai Guo-Qiang, General Manager of Changzhou Yongsheng Packaging Co., Ltd

4. Development of pressure sensitive adhesive for high-speed coating machine (400 meters/second)

——Mr. Wei Qinglai, General Manager of Shanghai Changde Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

5. Comprehensive adhesive solution

(1)Application of Engineering Adhesives

——Mr. Feng Zhiwei, Technical Service Manager of Huntsman Corporation Advanced Chemical Materials Co., Ltd

(2)Raw materials for epoxy adhesives

——Dr. Zhang Zhi, Asia Pacific Technical Manager of Huntsman Corporation Advanced Chemical Materials Co., Ltd

6. Application of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pressure sensitive adhesive products in the Chinese market

——Mr. Xiong Haikun, Manager of Tape and Adhesive Technology Department, R&D Center, 3M China Co., Ltd

7. High performance coating equipment for pressure sensitive adhesive

——Mr. Liu Xiaoguang, Far East Area Manager of Cronat Company

8. New additives; Improving the bonding strength of dispersed adhesives

——Dr. Martin Wagner, Technical Service Manager of Wacker Polymer Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

9. Exploring the die-cutting performance of pressure sensitive adhesive advertising stickers

——Dr. Shi Yifeng, National Starch Chemistry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

10. Study on the Properties of Waterborne Two component Polyurethane Adhesive

——Ms. Zhang Jinlian, Asia Pacific Technical Marketing Manager of Rodia (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd

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