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PVC electrical insulating tape coating machine
PVC electrical insulating tape coating machine

PVC electrical insulating tape coating machine

PVC electrical tape coating machine is a specialized equipment used for manufacturing PVC (polyvinyl chloride) electrical tape. It is suitable for the coating process of producing PVC electrical Electrical tape. The PVC electrical tape coating machine can achieve efficient and accurate coating operations, providing consistent coating quality and adhesive performance. It can adapt to the manufacturing of PVC electrical tape with different sizes and requirements, and meet the coating requirements of different electrical insulation and packaging needs.
Product Detail

The main function of the PVC electrical tape coating machine is to evenly apply PVC coating onto the substrate on the back, forming a layer of adhesive. This device typically consists of the following main components:

Coating system: The coating system usually consists of a coating roller or spraying device. The coating roller is a rotating roller that evenly spreads PVC coating onto the substrate on the back. The spraying device evenly sprays PVC coating onto the substrate through spraying.

Substrate supply system: A supply system that provides a backing substrate, usually a thin film or paper with a certain thickness and width. After passing through a coating roller or spraying device, the substrate is combined with PVC coating to form an adhesive.

Control system: The control system is used to adjust the operating speed of the coating drum or spraying device, the flow rate and pressure of the coating, to ensure the uniformity and quality control of the coating adhesive.

Drying system: The coated PVC tape needs to undergo a drying process to cure and form a strong coating. The drying method can be natural drying or hot air drying.

PVC electrical tape has excellent electrical insulation performance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and mechanical strength, and is widely used in electrical engineering, wire and cable manufacturing, electronic equipment, automotive industry, and other fields. By operating the PVC electrical tape coating machine, high-quality and efficient production of PVC electrical tape can be achieved, meeting various application requirements for electrical insulation and packaging.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    Multi stage low tension control substrate operation, accurately controlling the lower limit of substrate shrinkage;

  • 02

    Suitable for drying oven systems with different heat sources, accurately segmented control of oven temperature;

  • 03

    The winding adopts a surface winding fixed length automatic winding platform, equipped with a film storage box, to achieve fixed length winding and non-stop film connection, with high production efficiency;

  • 04

    Adopting different coating methods to adapt to the different coating processes of water-based adhesive and oil-based adhesive, with precise control of coating amount.

▶ Main Technical Parameters

Effective width(mm)
Mechanical speed(m/min)4~40
Heating methodHot air stove/steam/thermal oil/electric heating

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