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Release paper (film) coating machine
Release paper (film) coating machine

Release paper (film) coating machine

Release paper coating machine is a device used for manufacturing release paper. The release paper coating machine is suitable for solvent and solvent free coating of release paper and release film. The working principle and specific technical parameters of release paper coating machines may vary depending on the manufacturer and equipment model, but overall, they are all designed to evenly apply release paint on the paper to produce release paper with anti adhesion performance.
Product Detail

The function of the release paper coating machine is to apply a special release coating on the surface of the paper. This type of coating is usually a polymer or silicon-based material with low adhesion and good thermal stability. The release paper coating machine evenly spreads the release coating onto the paper through a coating roller or other coating device, forming a uniform layer of coating. After drying and curing treatment, a layer of anti stick coating is formed on the surface of the paper, which has good release performance.

Release paper coating machines are usually used to manufacture industrial products that require anti adhesion treatment, such as composite materials, plastic products, rubber products, glass fiber products, etc. During the manufacturing process, these products often need to come into contact with molds or tools. The use of release paper can effectively avoid adhesion between products and molds, making it easier for products to separate during demolding, reducing losses and costs during the production process.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    Equipped with mesh coating heads and solvent free coating heads for production selection

  • 02

    Swing rod tension control ensures stable operation of the entire machine

  • 03

    Equipped with a moisture return mechanism and optional edge cutting device

  • 04

    Heavy-duty rewinding and unwinding, enabling non-stop paper pickup and high production efficiency

  • 05

    The oven adopts an efficient axial flow fan with high drying efficiency, and adopts multi terminal temperature control to accurately control the temperature of each section of the oven according to process requirements

  • 06

    Using EPC deviator to ensure neat edges of finished products

▶ Main Technical Parameters


Effective width(mm)
Mechanical speed(m/min)3~3010~12010~12010~120
Oven length(m)10~36
Heating methodSteam/thermal oil/hot air stove/electric heating

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