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Cloth base coating machine
Cloth base coating machine

Cloth base coating machine

A fabric coating machine is a device specifically designed for coating fabrics or textiles. Cloth based coating machines are suitable for production processes such as sanding machines, glass fiber grid cloth gluing machines, and non-woven fabric double-sided gluing machines for sizing and gluing of cloth based materials.
Product Detail

A fabric coating machine is a device specifically designed for coating fabrics or textiles. It is mainly used to evenly apply various coatings, resins, adhesives, or functional chemicals on the surface of fabrics to enhance their performance, change their appearance, or achieve specific functions.

The working principle of a cloth based coating machine usually involves the following steps:

Fabric tension: Fix the fabric to be coated on the machine through a tension device to ensure the flatness and stability of the fabric during the coating process.

Coating system: The coating system usually consists of a coating head or a coating roller. The coating head is usually a uniform spraying device that can evenly spray paint onto the surface of the fabric. The coating roller is a rolling roller that extracts the coating from the coating tank and forms a uniform coating on the surface of the fabric.

Coating fluid supply system: Provides a supply system for coating fluids (coatings, resins, etc.) to ensure continuous supply and flow control of coatings.

Drying and Curing: After coating, the fabric needs to undergo a drying and curing process to form a strong coating on the surface of the fabric. The drying method can be natural drying, hot air drying, or oven drying, depending on the coating material used.

Through the operation of a cloth based coating machine, the functions of waterproofing, anti fouling, anti tearing, and flame retardancy of fabrics can be achieved. In addition, coating can also change the appearance, feel, and optical properties of fabrics, such as dyeing, printing, gloss, or UV resistance.

Cloth base coating machines are widely used in the textile industry, including clothing, home textiles, industrial fabrics, Sports equipment, automotive interior and other fields. It can provide solutions for various fabric coating needs, endowing fabrics with more additional functions and value.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    The oven adopts an efficient axial flow fan with high drying efficiency, and adopts multi-stage temperature control to accurately control the temperature of each section of the oven according to process requirements;

  • 02

    Tension segmented control, using low tension control methods to control the low tension requirements of non-woven fabrics, using high tension control methods to control the tension of thick fabrics, variable frequency speed regulation, and using multi-point synchronous controllers to control the synchronous operation of the entire machine;

  • 03

    Adopting various sizing and gluing methods to meet the process requirements;

  • 04

    And it can be equipped with an optional trimming device.

▶ Main Technical Parameters

Effective width(mm)1100180020002300
Mechanical speed (meters/minute)Configure according to process requirements
Oven length(m)Configure according to process requirements
Heating method (optional)
Steam/thermal oil/hot air stove/electric heating

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