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Multi-roller solventless coating head
Multi-roller solventless coating head

Multi-roller solventless coating head

Multi roll solvent-free coating head is a coating equipment used to evenly apply solvent-free or low solvent coatings during printing and coating processes. It consists of multiple rollers that rotate and evenly transfer paint to the working material. Multi roll solvent free coating head is suitable for solvent free 100% silicone oil coating.
Product Detail

Multi roll solvent-free coating heads are widely used in the fields of printing, coating, and coating, especially suitable for applications that require uniform coating and reduce the use of volatile organic solvents. It can achieve efficient coating operations, providing consistent coating quality and precise coating thickness control. In addition, the multi roll solvent-free coating head can also reduce the amount of organic solvent volatilization into the environment, which has the advantage of environmental protection and energy conservation.

The working principle of the multi roll solvent-free coating head is as follows:

Coating supply: The coating is supplied to the multi roll solvent-free coating head through the supply system. Coatings can be solvent free or low solvent coatings, which means they have a lower volatile organic solvent content.

Coating roller: A multi roller solvent free coating head usually consists of multiple coating rollers installed on a common frame. The coating roller is usually made of steel or rubber, and their surface is flat and has a certain roughness. These rollers rotate and evenly transfer the coating onto the working material by soaking it.

Coating thickness adjustment: The coating roller in the multi roller solvent free coating head can adjust its spacing and pressure to control the coating thickness of the coating on the working material. By adjusting the position and pressure of the drum, different thicknesses and uniformity of coating can be achieved.

Working material transfer: When working materials (such as paper, plastic film, etc.) pass through multi roller solvent-free coating heads, a certain contact is formed between them and the coating drum. The rotation of the coating roller transfers the coating to the working material, forming a uniform coating.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    Solvent free coating is safe, environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost-effective;

  • 02

    Multi roller speed difference silicon coating, suitable for low weight and high-quality product requirements;

  • 03

    Each roller has independent transmission and speed regulation, which can easily change the coating amount to suit the selection of products with different coating amounts;

  • 04

    This coating head adopts PLC control, touch screen display, and can store 20 different coating quantity parameters, making it convenient for users to choose;

  • 05

    The rollers of this coating head are easy to disassemble, and easy to clean and maintain.

▶ Main Technical Parameters

Effective width(mm)
Mechanical speed(m/min)150
Lower limit of coating range0.5~0.8g/m2
Total power<=-30kw
Air source

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