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Aluminum foil coating machine
Aluminum foil coating machine

Aluminum foil coating machine

The aluminum foil coating machine is suitable for the coating of PTP medicinal aluminum foil (hard aluminum) and the coating production of aluminum foil tape (soft aluminum) (this model is suitable for the coating method of aluminum foil substrate directly running in the oven).
Product Detail

Aluminum foil coating machine is a device specifically designed for coating aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a metal material with good moisture resistance, insulation, and conductivity, widely used in food packaging, building materials, electronic products, and other fields.

The main function of the aluminum foil coating machine is to evenly apply coatings or coatings on the surface of the aluminum foil to enhance its performance, change its appearance, or achieve specific functions. Coating can provide a protective coating to improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high temperature resistance of aluminum foil.

The aluminum foil coating machine has the following advantages:

Efficient production: The aluminum foil coating machine can achieve high-speed and continuous coating operations, improving production efficiency. It can quickly apply coatings and cure, achieving rapid conversion and shortening production cycles.

Uniform coating: The aluminum foil coating machine can evenly apply paint on the surface of the aluminum foil through a coating roller or spraying device. This ensures the consistency and quality stability of the coating.

Multi functional coating: Aluminum foil coating machine can be applied to different types of coatings and coatings, such as moisture-proof coatings, thermal insulation coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, etc. It has flexibility and can meet the needs of different industries and applications.

Improving product performance: Aluminum foil coating can provide a protective coating for aluminum foil, improving its moisture resistance, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, and other properties. Coating can increase the mechanical strength, wear resistance, and high-temperature resistance of aluminum foil, improving the quality and added value of the product.

Material saving: The aluminum foil coating machine can achieve precise control of coatings and uniformity of the coating layer, reducing paint waste. It can effectively utilize coatings and materials, improving resource utilization.

Environmental protection and energy conservation: Aluminum foil coating machines usually adopt advanced control systems and technologies, which can achieve low energy consumption and high efficiency in the coating process. In addition, coatings and coating materials themselves have environmental performance and meet the requirements of sustainable development.

By operating the aluminum foil coating machine, the surface of the aluminum foil can be coated, providing functions such as moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, heat insulation, and corrosion resistance. In addition, coating can also change the appearance of aluminum foil, such as color, glossiness, or texture, to meet different application needs.

Aluminum foil coating machines are widely used in industries such as food packaging, building materials, and electronic products. Through coating treatment, aluminum foil can have better protective performance, decorative effect, and processing performance, meeting the needs of different fields for aluminum foil.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    The oven adopts an efficient axial flow fan with high drying efficiency. It adopts multi stage temperature control to accurately control the temperature of each section of the oven to meet different process requirements;

  • 02

    When laminating with release paper, there is no need to consider the issue of moisture uniformity;

  • 03

    Automatic tension detection, segmented control, variable frequency speed regulation, and the use of multi-point synchronous controllers to control the synchronous operation of the entire machine;

  • 04

    Using EPC deviator to ensure neat edges of finished products;

  • 05

    The PTP medicinal aluminum foil coating machine can meet the requirements of single and dual color printing, protective agents, and heat sealing agents completed in one go;

  • 06

    The aluminum foil tape coating machine can meet the coating composite process of 0.016mm soft aluminum foil. The winding and unwinding are equipped with a film connection mechanism, which can achieve non-stop film connection and high production efficiency.

▶ Main Technical Parameters

Effective width(mm)60013001600
Mechanical speed (meters/minute)10~10015~15015~150
Oven length(m)Configure according to process requirements
Heating method (optional)
Steam/thermal oil/hot air stove/electric heating

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