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Meiwen paper coating machine
Meiwen paper coating machine

Meiwen paper coating machine

The main function of the Meiwen paper coating machine is to evenly apply special Meiwen coatings on the surface of the paper. The Meiwen paper coating machine is suitable for the coating process of Meiwen paper base paper, including immersion coating, silicon coating, and adhesive coating.
Product Detail

The main function of the Meiwen paper coating machine is to evenly apply special Meiwen coatings on the surface of the paper. This type of coating is usually a coating with a specific color, texture, or effect, such as metal powder, glossy coating, pearlescent coating, etc. The coating machine uses a coating roller or other coating device to evenly apply the textured coating onto the paper, forming a uniform layer of coating. After drying and curing treatment, a decorative layer with special textures or patterns is formed on the surface of the paper, which is called Meiwen paper.

The Meiwen paper coating machine usually has the following characteristics and functions:

Coating control: Equipped with functions such as coating speed and thickness control to ensure uniform coating and decorative effects of the aesthetic coating.

Meiwen Paper Design: Provides a selection of Meiwen designs with different textures, patterns, or effects to meet different decorative and market demands.

Control system: used to control the operating parameters of the coating machine, such as speed, temperature, pressure, etc., to ensure the stability and quality control of the coating process.

The Meiwen paper coating machine is widely used in packaging, printing, greeting cards, gift packaging, handicraft production and other fields. Through the operation of this device, beautiful textured paper with special textures, unique textures, and decorative effects can be produced. Meiwen paper can be used to increase the visual appeal of products, enhance their added value, and achieve different creative and design effects.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    The oven adopts an efficient centrifugal fan and is equipped with an airflow rectification device, which improves the uniformity and drying efficiency of the substrate surface coating drying. It also adopts multi-stage temperature control to accurately control the temperature of each section of the oven according to process requirements;

  • 02

    The immersion process is equipped with an efficient air float drying oven, which has a high drying rate, uniform drying, good product surface quality, convenient operation, maintenance, and cleaning. There are no rollers in the oven, reducing the possibility of breakage;

  • 03

    Tension segmented control adopts a variable frequency speed control system, and vector variable frequency control is used for winding and unwinding. The winding can be set with multi taper tension, and a multi-point synchronous controller is used to control the synchronous operation of the entire machine;

  • 04

    Using EPC deviator to ensure neat edges of finished products;

  • 05

    The immersion coating process is equipped with a large conditioning drying cylinder to ensure the flatness and moisture uniformity of the substrate;

  • 06

    The winding and unwinding are equipped with a film receiving mechanism, which can achieve uninterrupted paper receiving and high production efficiency;

  • 07

    According to the different process requirements of the processed products, there are various forms of coating heads to choose from.

▶ Main Technical Parameters

Effective width(mm)600110013001600
Mechanical speed(m/min)3~303~308~808~80
Oven length(m)Configure according to process requirements
Heating method (optional)
Steam/thermal oil/hot air stove/electric heating

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