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Hot-melt coating machine
Hot-melt coating machine

Hot-melt coating machine

Hot-melt adhesive coating machine is suitable for OPP film adhesive tape, masking tape, Kraft paper, double-sided adhesive tape, trademark paper and other paper adhesive products, without prejudice to the adhesive and composite of medical, health, footwear and clothing materials such as cloth, cloth base. Hot-melt adhesive coater can coat Hot-melt adhesive on different types of substrates, such as paper, plastic film, fabric, foam materials, to achieve bonding, sealing, reinforcement or coating functions. The advantages of Hot-melt adhesive coater include fast coating speed, simple operation, high bonding strength, and applicability to various materials.
Product Detail

Hot-melt adhesive coater is a kind of equipment used to coat Hot-melt adhesive on the surface of various materials. Hot-melt adhesive is a kind of thermoplastic adhesive, which melts into liquid at high temperature and will quickly solidify into a solid bonding layer after cooling.

Hot-melt adhesive coater is generally composed of the following main parts:

Melt glue tank: It is used to heat and melt solid Hot-melt adhesive, usually using electric heating or heating medium heating system.

Coating head: used to evenly coat the melted Hot-melt adhesive on the surface of the material to be bonded. The design and structure of the coating head may vary depending on the coating requirements, such as rollers, scrapers, nozzles, etc.

Control system: used to control the temperature of the adhesive bath and the running speed of the coating head to ensure uniform application and bonding effect of the adhesive solution.

Hot-melt adhesive coater shall be operated with caution, because Hot-melt adhesive has high viscosity and adhesion at high temperature, which may cause burns to operators. When using, relevant safety operating procedures should be followed and appropriate protective measures should be taken.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    Suitable for full width and strip coating, using domestic or imported coating heads, with precise adhesive amount; Can be coated on both sides, with composite function;

  • 02

    Microcomputer control technology can be used to automatically synchronize the spray rate with the production speed;

  • 03

    Adopting advanced sol-gel coating systems or online glue making systems, coating while making glue, high-precision double-layer gear pump synchronous control, high-precision coating;

  • 04

    The glue making system adopts an electric heating system or a thermal oil circulation heating system, and the output system has an isolation and insulation type or a thermal medium heating and insulation type, with precise temperature control;

  • 05

    The winding and unwinding adopts manual or automatic correction, and the automatic tension control system; Frequency converter stepless speed regulation, synchronous gear belt transmission, smooth operation.

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