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Test coating machine
Test coating machine

Test coating machine

The coating testing machine is a device used to evaluate coating performance and study coating processes. It can simulate the actual coating process and provide quantitative measurements and data analysis to understand the performance of coating materials under different conditions. The coating testing machine is suitable for the coating and composite testing of water-based adhesive, oil-based adhesive, and rubber on various substrates.
Product Detail

The specific structure and function of the coating testing machine may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Generally speaking, coating testing machines include coating devices, control systems, measurement systems, and data analysis software to provide comprehensive testing and analysis functions. It is widely used in fields such as coatings, inks, adhesives, textiles, plastic films, etc., providing technical support and data reference for the research and development of coating processes.

The main functions of the coating testing machine include the following:

Coating performance evaluation: The coating testing machine can simulate different coating methods and processes, such as scraping, rolling, spraying, etc., to evaluate the performance of coating materials. It can measure the thickness, uniformity, viscosity, adhesion, drying time and other indicators of the coating layer to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the coating.

Coating parameter adjustment: The coating testing machine can explore optimal coating conditions and process parameters by adjusting parameters such as coating speed, coating pressure, coating angle, and coating amount. This helps to optimize the coating process and improve the efficiency and quality of the coating.

Material comparison and selection: Through coating testing machines, different coating materials can be compared and evaluated to select coating materials that are suitable for specific application needs. You can compare coating materials from different brands, ingredients, or formulas, and evaluate their performance differences and adaptability.

Research and development: The coating testing machine provides an experimental platform for the research and development of coating materials. By adjusting coating parameters and material formulations, the rheological properties, drying behavior, surface properties, etc. of coating materials can be studied to further improve and optimize their performance.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    The drying efficiency of the oven is high, and the temperature is controlled in multiple stages

  • 02

    There are various heating methods to choose from, such as hot air stove, thermal oil, steam, electric heating, etc

  • 03

    The dual station rotary winding table does not stop to receive film, effectively improving production efficiency

  • 04

    Tension segmented control, winding EPC correction, ensuring neat edges of finished products

  • 05

    High speed coating head (optional), high speed and low foam, more suitable for high-speed machine operation, energy-saving and efficient

▶ Main Technical Parameters


Effective width(mm)
Upper limit of unwinding diameter(mm)600
Upper limit of winding diameter(mm)
Mechanical speed(m/min)0.5~30
Coating substrate thickness(mm)

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