Standard slitting machine
Standard slitting machine

Standard slitting machine

Standard slitting machine refers to a type of slitting machine that meets general and basic standards in terms of functionality and configuration. This type of cutting machine usually has relatively basic functions, is suitable for general cutting needs, and is widely used in various industries. The standard slitting machine is suitable for slitting and rewinding BOPP/PET and other adhesive tapes.
Product Detail

Standard slitting machines are relatively basic in functionality, but they can still meet many common slitting needs. For enterprises that require relatively simple cutting tasks or have limited budgets, standard slitting machines are an economical and practical choice. For applications that require better functionality, it may be necessary to consider more complex and high-quality slitting machines.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    Flat knife cutting, four axis fully automatic exchange and coiling, continuous coiling, improving work efficiency

  • 02

    Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, equipped with three stage counting, capable of automatic deceleration and parking during high-speed operation

  • 03

    The unwinding tension is controlled pneumatically, and the unwinding tension is controlled by an independent slip device on the winding shaft, allowing for free adjustment of tension

  • 04

    Optional automatic labeling device, soundproof cover

▶ Main Technical Parameters

Effective width (mm)500110013001600
Upper limit of unwinding diameter (mm)800
Unwinding inner diameter (mm)76(3")
Mechanical speed (m/min)0~180
Lower limit of cutting width881212
Upper limit of winding diameter (mm)150150150150
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