Medical tape slitting machine
Medical tape slitting machine

Medical tape slitting machine

Medical tape slitting machine is a device specifically used for cutting medical tape (also known as medical plaster or medical adhesive). Medical tape is a widely used adhesive product in the medical field, commonly used for fixing bandages, fixing catheters, protecting wounds, and other purposes. Due to the fact that medical tape is usually supplied in rolls, it is necessary to cut it into appropriate lengths for ease of use and hygiene.
Product Detail

The medical tape slitting machine can automatically cut the medical tape from the reel state to the required length to meet the requirements of different medical purposes. These slitting machines typically have highly accurate cutting capabilities, ensuring that the length of each section of medical tape is consistent and the cutting edges are neat, avoiding the potential inaccuracies and irregularities caused by manual cutting.

Medical tape cutting machines are widely used in hospitals, clinics, medical equipment manufacturers, and other places. They provide efficient, convenient, and hygienic medical tape handling methods for medical institutions, which helps to improve medical work efficiency and patient care quality. In the production process of medical tape, these slitting machines also play an important role in helping manufacturers better manage materials and improve production efficiency.

The medical tape cutting machine has many advantages, making it a practical device in the medical field. The following are some main advantages of medical tape cutting machines:

Precise cutting: The medical tape slitting machine can achieve highly accurate cutting, ensuring that the length of each section of medical tape is consistent and avoiding possible errors caused by manual cutting.

Efficient production: The use of a slitting machine can quickly cut medical tape from the reel state to the required length, improving production efficiency.

Labor saving: The automated medical tape cutting machine reduces the need for manual cutting, saving labor and time.

Hygienic and reliable: The medical tape cutting machine is easy to operate and can be carried out under hygienic conditions, ensuring the safe and hygienic use of medical tape.

Flexible and applicable: The slitting machine usually has the function of adjusting the cutting length, and can customize different sizes of medical tape according to needs, suitable for different medical purposes.

Improving product quality: By using a medical tape slitting machine, it can ensure that the cutting edges of the medical tape are neat, improving the aesthetics and quality of the product.

Automated control: Some good medical tape cutting machines have automated control systems that can achieve automatic feeding, cutting, and discharge, reducing operator intervention.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    Equipped with air knife and flat knife, four axis fully automatic exchange and coiling, continuous coiling, improving work efficiency;

  • 02

    Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, equipped with a three stage counter, can automatically slow down and stop when running at high speed;

  • 03

    The unwinding tension is controlled pneumatically, while the unwinding tension is controlled by a friction clutch. Equipped with a clutch and unwinding air shaft, the tension can be freely adjusted;

  • 04

    Equipped with curved stretching rollers, it can effectively stretch the substrate;

▶ Main Technical Parameters

Effective unwinding width (mm)6001100
Upper limit of unwinding diameter (mm)800
Lower limit of cutting width (mm)12
Upper limit of winding diameter (mm) 1"Four axis exchange75
Upper limit of winding diameter (mm) 3"Four axis exchange150
Overall power (kW)4
External dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)1600X1300X14202050X1300X1420
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