Big diameter slitting machine
Big diameter slitting machine

Big diameter slitting machine

Suitable for cutting BOPP/PET tape, with a particularly long winding length (1500 meters).
Product Detail

The main function of a large diameter slitting machine is to cut large diameter drum materials into the required width or length to adapt to specific production processes or applications. This type of machine usually has highly automated functions, which can achieve fast and accurate cutting and improve production efficiency.

Large diameter slitting machines are applied in many industries, such as paper processing, plastic film production, packaging industry, printing industry, etc. By using large diameter slitting machines, enterprises can more effectively manage reel materials, reduce waste, improve production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs and improving product quality.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    The upper limit of the winding diameter is 300mm, and the two winding shafts are exchanged simultaneously;

  • 02

    Separate variable frequency speed motor for winding;

  • 03

    The entire machine adopts PLC control.

▶ Main Technical Parameters

Effective width (mm)50011001300
Upper limit of unwinding diameter (mm)800800800
Lower limit of cutting width (mm)101212
Upper limit of winding diameter (mm)400
Mechanical speed (M/min)5~1005~1505~150
Overall power (kw)~5~8~8
Winding mandrel (mm inches)76(3”)
Splitting method (optional)Flat knife/round knife/air knife
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