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Single shaft rewinding machine
Single shaft rewinding machine

Single shaft rewinding machine

Suitable for fixed length rewinding of substrates such as adhesive tape, paper, film, protective film, etc.
Product Detail

Single axis rewinding machines have certain advantages in specific rewinding application scenarios, suitable for situations that require simpler rewinding tasks, and have relatively low prices, which can meet the needs of small-scale production or processing.

The working principle of a single axis rewinder is relatively simple, usually including the following main components:

Coil loading device: used to place the original drum material on a single axis rewinder, ready to start the rewinding process.

Tension control device: used to adjust the tension of the coil material, ensuring uniform stretching of the material during the rewinding process, and avoiding uneven tension.

Rewinding shaft: A single shaft rewinder has only one rewinding shaft, which is used to rewind the original drum material into smaller drums.

Cutting device: An optional component used to cut materials as needed during the rewinding process, ensuring that the length of the rewinding drum meets the requirements.

Automatic discharge: After the rewinding is completed, the single axis rewinder can automatically discharge or send out the rewinded materials for subsequent processing.

The single axis rewinder is suitable for some relatively simple rewinding tasks, such as rewinding large rolls of material into smaller sized drums, and is commonly used in some small and medium-sized production lines or processing sites. Due to its relatively simple structure, it is usually more cost-effective than a multi axis rewinder. However, due to having only one rewinding shaft, its production capacity is relatively limited and suitable for relatively small-scale rewinding needs.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    Frequency converter stepless speed regulation, stable operation;

  • 02

    Automatic length calculation and automatic stop braking;

  • 03

    The middle winding of the inflatable shaft surface adopts a single side unloading structure, and the winding tension is dynamically controlled, making it easy to adjust;

  • 04

    Optional strip trimming.

▶ Main technical parameters

Effective width (mm)13001600
Upper limit of unwinding diameter (mm)800
Paper tube diameter (mm)30~7676
Upper limit of winding diameter (mm)300
Mechanical speed (M/min)10~100
Total power (kW)~4
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