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Fully automatic rewinder
Fully automatic rewinder

Fully automatic rewinder

A fully automatic rewinder is a device used to automatically rewind reel shaped materials. It is mainly used to rewind original roll materials, such as paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, etc., from a large roll into smaller rolls to meet different application requirements or for secondary processing.
Product Detail

The fully automatic rewinder has the characteristics of high automation, and its main functions include:

Coil loading: Place the original drum material on the loading device of the fully automatic rewinding machine to begin the rewinding process.

Cutting: The fully automatic rewinding machine is equipped with a cutting device, which can cut materials as needed to ensure that the length of the rewinding drum meets the requirements.

Automatic rewinding: The fully automatic rewinding machine automatically adjusts the tension and speed to rewind the original large roll material into smaller rolls.

Automatic core replacement: During the rewinding process, the fully automatic rewinder can automatically replace the core drum (paper tube) in order to fix the rewinded drum on the new core drum.

Automatic discharge: After the rewinding is completed, the fully automatic rewinder can automatically discharge or send out the rewinded materials for subsequent processing.

The advantage of a fully automatic rewinder is that it greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of rewinding. Compared to manual operation, fully automatic rewinding machines have higher production capacity, can complete a large amount of rewinding work in a short time, and maintain high consistency and quality. This has made it widely used in fields such as paper processing, plastic film production, packaging industry, etc., especially for large-scale production enterprises, fully automatic rewinding machines are a very practical equipment.

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