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Fully automatic single-layer cutting machine
Fully automatic single-layer cutting machine

Fully automatic single-layer cutting machine

Suitable for large-scale production of BOPP, textured paper, and fabric based adhesive tapes.
Product Detail

The fully automatic single-layer cutting machine is suitable for scenarios that require batch cutting of a single type of material, such as printing, packaging, paper processing, and other industries. Through automated operations and high-precision cutting, it can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and meet the high requirements of industrial production.

The characteristics and working process of a fully automatic single-layer cutting machine are similar to other types of cutting machines, mainly including the following steps:

Roll loading: Load single-layer rolls into the roll support or placement area of the slitter.

Guidance and positioning: Through the guidance device, ensure that the coil maintains the correct position and tension when entering the cutting area.

Cutting: Using a cutting tool, disc cutter, or other cutting method, cut the single-layer coil according to the set specifications and width.

Extraction and collection: The cut narrow coil material is extracted and collected onto the corresponding winding device to form the finished coil material.

The fully automatic single-layer cutting machine has the characteristics of high automation and accurate cutting, which can complete a large number of single-layer material cutting in a short time, improving production efficiency and quality. This type of device is usually equipped with advanced control systems and touch screen interfaces, making operation simple and easy to master.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    The entire process of fixed length coiling, labeling, flipping, cutting, ending, winding shaft loading and unloading, casing and finished product output is unmanned operation;

  • 02

    Functional components such as peeling and corona can be added between slitting and unwinding;

  • 03

    Pneumatic slip type winding shaft, with air pressure changing with the diameter of the coil, especially suitable for large diameter coiling;

  • 04

    The cutting mechanism adopts a flat knife or can choose an air knife or a rolling knife;

  • 05

    Winding type waste edge collection, waste edge fracture detection;

  • 06

    Mobile soundproof cover, reducing noise and meeting environmental requirements;

  • 07

    The replacement specifications are simple, convenient, and fast, and the installation and adjustment time does not exceed 15 minutes;

  • 08

    All power is driven by AC servo motors;

  • 09

    The working condition of the main coil and casing can be monitored through video;

  • 10

    The fieldbus distributed electrical control system can be installed with a Modem card to achieve remote fault diagnosis through the Internet.

▶ Main technical parameters

ModelF81 300-13F81 300-16F81 300-20
Suitable for substrate width (mm)140016502000
Upper limit of unwinding diameter (mm)ø1000ø1000ø1000
Lower limit of unwinding diameter (mm)ø300ø300ø300
Lower limit of cutting width (mm)121212
Upper limit of mechanical speed (m/min)400400400
Replacement specification time15min15min15min
Using tube cores3"3"3"
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