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Fully automatic double layer slitting machine
Fully automatic double layer slitting machine

Fully automatic double layer slitting machine

Suitable for fully automatic cutting of BOPP, textured paper, and fabric based adhesive tapes
Product Detail

The fully automatic double layer cutting machine is suitable for scenarios that require batch cutting of double layer materials, such as packaging, composite film processing, paper processing, and other industries. Through automated operations and high-precision cutting, it can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and meet the high requirements of industrial production.

The fully automatic double-layer cutting machine has many advantages, which make it an efficient, accurate, and reliable equipment in the double-layer material cutting process. The following are the main advantages of a fully automatic double layer slitting machine:

Highly automated: The fully automatic double-layer slitting machine adopts advanced control systems and technologies, which can achieve highly automated operations throughout the entire cutting process, reduce manual intervention, and improve production efficiency.

Double layer simultaneous cutting: The fully automatic double layer slitting machine can simultaneously cut two layers of coil material, thereby completing the cutting of the double layer material in one go, greatly improving production efficiency.

Precise cutting: Due to the precision of automated control, the fully automatic double-layer slitting machine can achieve high-precision cutting, maintaining the consistency of the specifications and dimensions of the double-layer coil.

High speed production: The fully automatic double layer slitting machine can operate at high speed, adapt to the needs of mass production, and improve production efficiency.

Saving labor costs: The highly automated operation of the fully automatic double layer slitting machine reduces the dependence on operators, thereby reducing labor costs.

Multifunctionality: Some fully automatic double-layer slitting machines have multiple functions, which can meet the processing needs of different materials and specifications. For example, longitudinal and transverse cutting can be performed to provide more machining options.

Safety and stability: Modern fully automatic double layer slitting machines are equipped with multiple safety protection devices to ensure the safety of operators during operation. Its stable performance ensures the reliability and long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Improving product quality: The high-precision cutting and stable performance of the fully automatic double layer slitting machine ensures the consistency of product quality and specifications, reducing errors and losses caused by human operation.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    The entire process of fixed length coiling, labeling, flipping, cutting, ending, winding shaft loading and unloading, casing and finished product output is unmanned operation;

  • 02

    Functional components such as peeling and corona can be added between slitting and unwinding;

  • 03

    Pneumatic slip type winding shaft, with air pressure changing with the diameter of the coil, especially suitable for large diameter coiling;

  • 04

    The cutting mechanism adopts a flat knife or can choose an air knife or a rolling knife;

  • 05

    Winding type waste edge collection, waste edge fracture detection;

  • 06

    Mobile soundproof cover, reducing noise and meeting environmental requirements;

  • 07

    The replacement specifications are simple, convenient, and fast, and the installation and adjustment time does not exceed 15 minutes;

  • 08

    All power is driven by AC servo motors;

  • 09

    The working condition of the main coil and casing can be monitored through video;

  • 10

    The fieldbus distributed electrical control system can be installed with a Modem card to achieve remote fault diagnosis through the Internet.

▶ Main technical parameters

ModelF82 300-13F82 300-16F82 300-20
Suitable for substrate width (mm)140016502000
Upper limit of unwinding diameter (mm)ø1000ø1000ø1000
Upper limit of winding diameter (mm)ø300ø300ø300
Lower limit of cutting width (mm)121212
Upper limit of mechanical speed (m/min)400400400
Replacement specification time30min30min30min
Using tube cores3"3"3"
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