Super clear slitting machine
Super clear slitting machine

Super clear slitting machine

Specializing in the production of ultra-transparent tape, this equipment uses an independent upper riding roller for winding. During winding, the winding material roll maintains contact with the upper riding roller, thereby avoiding air being drawn into the film layers. It can wind up ultra-transparent products at high speeds.
Product Detail

The main function of the ultra transparent cutting machine is to cut the ultra transparent material into the required size and shape to meet different production needs. These slitting machines typically have highly precise cutting capabilities, ensuring smooth cutting edges without scratches or cracks, and ensuring high transparency of the material.

Ultra transparent slitting machines are very important when dealing with ultra transparent materials, as these materials are usually more fragile than ordinary materials and more susceptible to the cutting process. Therefore, the ultra transparent cutting machine needs to have special design and cutting technology to ensure the integrity and high transparency of the material during the cutting process.

Ultra transparent cutting machines are usually equipped with cutting tools and control systems, which can achieve precise and efficient cutting operations. Ultra transparent slitting machines play an important role in the production and processing of ultra transparent materials, helping manufacturers better manage materials, improve production efficiency, and ensure product quality.

▶ Product Features

  • 01

    Unwinding: diameter limit 800mm, manual tension control, manual deviation correction;

  • 02

    Cutting: Flat knife cutting 60mm 48mm;

  • 03

    Independent upper riding roller for winding: rubber pressure roller, pushed by independent cylinder;

  • 04

    Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, equipped with a three stage counter, can automatically slow down and stop when running at high speed;

▶ Main Technical Parameters

Effective width (mm)1300
Upper limit of unwinding diameter (mm)Φ800mm(3″)
Winding diameter (inner diameter of paper core)Φ150mm(3″)
Overall speed (m/min)180(max)
Power Supply380V 50Hz(three-phase four-wire system)
Air source0.6m3/min 0.6kgf/cm2
Overall dimensions (length; width; height)2290χ1250χ1370
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